Signature Dishes


Please inform us if anyone in your party has a FOOD ALLERGY before ordering. Thank you.
WHEAT GLUTEN Majority of our dishes may contain nuts

Please ask a member of staff for more details.

Balti Stan Royale

(Medium/Hot) A choice of marinated chicken or lamb cooked with green peppers, tomatoes, garlic and onions; fresh and full of authentic aromatic spices. For lovers of spice, green chillies can be added according to preference


(Medium) A choice of marinated grilled chicken or lamb, cooked with special selected herbs and spices in fresh yoghurt and cream

Ruposhi Bangla

(Mild/Medium) Marinated grilled chicken cooked in mild flavourful spice in a buttery cream sauce

Deshi Special

(Medium/Hot) A choice of marinated grilled chicken or lamb cooked with ginger, garlic and authentic selected Deshi appna spices

Balti Stan Special

Marinated grilled chicken cooked with keema, special balti spices and herbs, dressed with egg and tomatoes

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